• Jessica Richardson

It's Isolation Baby!

So it's your baby's first birthday but we're all in lockdown...what do you do? Here's some ideas I'm just throwing out there!

1. Cake. And lots of it. Just because you can't have guests over to eat it with you doesn't mean you can't indulge as a family. You survived the first year! Celebrate it!!

2. More cake. No just kidding, there has to be a limit. But there's no limit on gin. Thank me later.

3. Splash out on some decorations. Balloons, banners, whatever floats your boat. It lifts everyone's mood and makes the pictures look 10x better in my opinion!

4. Order in. Take-aways are still delivering so save yourself the hassle of cooking and washing up. Don't be a martyr.

5. Virtual parties are a fun way for everyone to sing happy birthday and you'll have done your bit for nanny and grandpa.

6. Take a deep breath. Your baby is turning 1 and although you think you should make this the most magical day ever, you really don't have to! No one is counting how many presents you've bought little Teddy. Use this day to pat yourself on the back for surviving the year, one of the hardest years in history for many reasons. That deserves a slab of cake for sure!!!

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