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Family photoshoot in Kent

Let’s be straight here: choosing what to wear, how to do your hair or makeup and what to get the kids to wear is stressful enough on any day of the week, let alone when you’re getting ready for a family photoshoot in Kent and you know you want to look your best. So here are some thoughts on how to make the most of your fine art portrait session with as little stress as possible.

1. Dress for the weather if the photo shoot is set outdoors

We are never comfortable if we are cold, or wet, or too hot, and when it comes to family photo sessions, the kids are bound to get more than a little crabby if they are uncomfortable. So think ahead about the location and about what clothing might work best at the time of day that you have booked. For example:
- An autumn photoshoot might be a little chilly, so warm, woolly layers in those gorgeous russets, and orange and deep greens are perfect.
- A winter shoot might involve a frosty morning, so footwear that doesn’t have you slipping about is a must, as well as hats, scarves, gloves, and maybe accessories like ear muffs that can be taken off if the day turns out to be warmer than expected, but that can keep you warm if there’s an unpredicted biting breeze.
- In the summer, cool, natural cloth such as cotton and linen can work really well, and bring layers – an evening shoot might be chillier for little ones than you expect – while if it does get too hot, you can strip down a layer and still look great.

mum dad and daughter cuddling in the trees family photoshoot in kent

2. Co-ordinate your colours

Co-ordinated colours are what work best for a family photoshoot in Kent or group pictures. Not that you all have to wear the same colour – that would look stilted and unnatural. But you can pick colours that all tone in with each other, and add brighter contrasting colours of the same tone. So you might go for blues with yellows and white highlights for example, or peaches and cream with a brown base tone. Use a colour wheel to find the perfect pop of colour. You don’t have to go out and spend a fortune on new outfits. In fact, your go-to outfit is probably prefect especially as you will feel completely comfortable in it!

But if you do want to buy new, then it might be worth picking up the family’s outfit from the same store – you’ll find that colours and styles are often complementary and it might make it easier to pick beautifully co-ordinate styles. Above all, whether you buy new or rummage around the closet for a selection of outfits, spend some time at home trying things on and seeing how they look together. The family that dresses together….make gorgeous photos together!

3. Classic styles for timeless images

While your teen might want to dress in the latest neon crop top, do your best to persuade them that a set of timeless classics will enhance their look. It also means their grandchildren won’t howl with laughter when they see the photos decades later! Think classic styles and textures in neutral colours; these will stand the test of time beautifully.

Avoid busy prints as these can be very distracting but consider adding delicate patterns and textures. And of course, add accessories. It’s the accessories that will give the images that individuality and flair that imprint your personality on the images. It’s the ability to accessorize and add their personality to their look that often persuades a contrary teen to shrug off the hoodie and snuggle up in a classic wool sweater instead!

mum and daughter mixed race portraits, connection, family photoshoot in kent

4. Hair care and make up

Hair care can be a challenge, especially if outdoors as the wind might whip up long hair into your face, or an up-do might ‘drop’ in the heat of a summer morning. Simplicity often works best, although if we’re taking pictures in the studio, you can consider hiring a make-up artist for the session, and we can always pause for a bit of hair fixing. Make up is often best when it is subtle and neutral.

Think again, about the weather and the location. In the studio, we can pause and reapply, and we can powder up a little outdoors too, but if you are likely to be out in the sunshine, think about how bright daylight works with the type of make up you select and consider whether you might want to use setting spray and very delicate powder to set the make up.

5. Accessorise

Have I already mentioned accessories? Well, I’m going to mention them again! It’s often accessories that add colour, individuality and personality to the images. These might be a favourite necklace or bracelet, an heirloom shawl, a favourite hat, a fan, a picnic rug, a waistcoat or gillet, a brooch…we can play around with them, use them in some shots and not in others and vary the images. Think about your favourite things and you will find that these are an extension of your personality, and will add that unique sense of you to the photographs.

6. Tan free zones

Photographs capture the real you, the you that has creamy skin, or brown skin, or olive skin – skin of all sorts of shades each with their own unique beauty. What is not always captures so well is skin that has been forced to change its natural colour. So I always suggest to give the fake tan a break, don’t skin bleach, and avoid tanning for a few weeks before the photo session so you are not feeling concerned about tan lines or blemishes. And leave those freckles, moles and beauty spots alone – they are a gorgeous part of gorgeous you!

Above all, remember, you will always look your best, no matter what you wear, when you’re relaxed and enjoying time with your loved ones.

Here's some more information on my family photoshoot in Kent.


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