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Styling your family photoshoot in Kent

Family photoshoot in Kent Let’s be straight here: choosing what to wear, how to do your hair or makeup and what to get the kids to wear is stressful enough on any day of the week, let alone when you’re getting ready for a family photoshoot in Kent and you know you...

Testy Toddlers, Testing Teens and Photoshoots

Kids will be…well, kids! They come in all shapes and sizes, they have different temperaments and personalities, and they have a vast spectrum of moods, many of which may well manifest themselves during a photoshoot. And if it wasn’t for the uniqueness of every person...

The Glorious Gold of Autumn

It’s colours that we think of first when we talk about the autumn. I suppose we follow that closely with thoughts about misty mornings, leaves crunching underfoot, the chill on the skin of your face when you go for a walk, berries bright in the hedgerows, the nights...

Late summer family photo fun

I love August. I love those lingering evenings; the long shadows through the straw-gold sunsets, the lazy mornings, even the way the rain drizzles cool on the grey tarmac of the road. For a photographer, August throws out so many gorgeous opportunities for great...

Taking the heat out of a summer family photo shoot

Summer is so popular for family photo shoots. I guess it’s because families can take a break together, the kids are off school, the sunshine makes us all want to put tools down, relax, go outdoors and play! And outdoor, natural light shoots are, of course, the most...

Family photography sessions in Rainham

Sometimes, whilst living our normal, hectic lives we can forget what beauty lurks all around us. In Rainham we are lucky enough to be surrounded by quite an abundance of fields, parks, wildlife, ponds, a river, wildflowers, old trees…the list is endless. and...
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Reflection, renewal and recharging during lockdown

Reflection, renewal and recharging during lockdown

DAY 28? I’ve lost track of how many days we have been cocooned in this weird limbo that is the coronavirus lockdown. Like so many other small businesses and freelancers, I’ve had to freeze my commissions and stop going out to meet clients. Thank goodness for...

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Beating the Bug

Beating the Bug

Many of us will by now be at home, pretty much confined to indoors unless we have a garden, because of a pandemic the likes of which have not been seen since the end of the First World War. This is the stuff of apocalyptic movies and it feels a bit surreal – on the...

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Kicking mum-stress into touch!

Kicking mum-stress into touch!

What has talking about mum-stress got to do with photography, I bet you’re asking yourself. Well, it has as much to do with photography, especially family portrait photography, as it has to do in any walk of life, and as a working Mum, I have to deal with a good...

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